Soothing Therapeutic Massage

You deserve to feel great!

Soothing Therapeutic Massage

You deserve to feel great!

Looking for a great massage that relieves pain, without being painful?

Each massage is customized to offer the pressure you desire, with the results you need.

Jessika Mankin, LMT

Hi there! I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist in Fort Collins, Colorado. I help people find relief from aches and pains, while offering an oasis away from daily chaos.

I have 19 years of experience successfully relieving sciatica, neck & shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, migraine headaches, and knee & hip pain.

I blend Eastern and Western bodywork styles to improve circulation, soften tissues, and disperse areas of stagnation.

Experience relaxing, effective, pain-relieving massage in the heart of Fort Collins.


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Expert Massage Therapy in Midtown Fort Collins

Experience integrative massage therapy for ultimate relaxation and pain relief.

Whether you need a sports massage, a nurturing relaxation massage, or something in between, this custom bodywork session is tailored to your specific needs.

A variety of high-quality muscle salves and essential oils are available to add-on to your massage therapy session, to calm tense tissues.

Save 15% on monthly massages and enjoy free add-ons. Regular massage relieves pain and improves your mindset. Make yourself a priority and join today!

Give yourself permission to pause and reset.

testimonial stars representing reviews of Licensed Massage Therapist Jessika Mankin

"Jessika is simply the best, the most professional massage therapist I have ever had. She listens to your needs, she recommends further actions to help problem area and at the end you feel 10 times better than when you went in." 

"The most comprehensive and relaxing massages I have ever experienced. As the name implies - they are Soothing and Therapeutic." 

"Jessika provides the best massages of anyone I've ever tried. Her touch is truly healing and therapeutic. She has MANY years of experience which is one reason she is so incredible. I recommend Jessika very highly to anyone who needs a massage. You will not be disappointed." 

"I have been a hard worker my entire life, whether it be an oil field worker or a paramedic. There are days that my body is completely wrecked. Jessika works with me to discover the root of my pain, and finds ways to relieve it." 

"Had a problem with my neck. Jessika worked on it. Really worked on the problem. Her massages are relaxing AND effective. I almost want to cry when it is over - I don't want the massage to end."

"Jessika is a highly skilled professional. She understands the human body and is able to blend her training, skill and knowledge to create an amazing healing experience. My sessions with her are an important and integral part of living a healthy lifestyle."

"This really works! I’m learning about my body and working with Jessika to reduce body aches. She finds the muscles that need work in a way I have never experienced with any other therapist. Thank you Jessika."

"Jessika is absolutely amazing! She always seems to know the exact pressure needed in the exact area you didn't even know needed it. She is such a calming force to be around and I look forward to every session we have together."

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Massage therapy can have a ripple effect, benefiting all areas of your life

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