Auricular Therapy

Auricular Therapy

(also known as Ear Reflexology)

Pressure points on your ears connect to your entire body, thorough your nervous system, similar to foot reflexology. Studies show that stimulating these points with seeds, adhered with tape, can relieve dozens of conditions.

All massage sessions include auriculotherapy massage to help relieve pain, enhance relaxation and balance your various body systems.

The application of ear seeds is available as an add-on to your massage, so you can continue to stimulate (rub or gently squeeze) certain ear points throughout the following 3-5 days, after your session.

Ear seed kits are also available for purchase online, with ear seeds you can apply yourself. See the link below!

Ear Seed Treatments Can Help With:

- Acute and Chronic Pain

- Digestive Issues

- Hormonal Imbalances

- Headaches and Migranes

- Stress / Anxiety / Depression

- Insomnia

- Menstrual Pain

- Addiction

- Weight Loss

- TMJ and more!

illustration of ear pressure points for auricular therapy

Noticeable improvements may be felt within 24 hours, or it may take weeks, depending on the condition being treated. In either case, re-applying ear seeds weekly, for 5 weeks, is recommended to begin with, for best results.

After your desired outcome is achieved, re-applying seeds monthly or bi-monthly will help maintain your newly balanced nervous system.

Ear Seed Links

To purchase ear seed kits, click here! I recommend the vaccaria seeds or gold pellets. And picking a kit with tweezers will make seed application much easier.


If you would like to study this fascinating protocol for use in your own practice, click here to learn more!

Gold pellet ear seeds on auriculotherapy client
Ear Seed on client ear using auriculotherapy
Swarovski Crystal ear seeds on client ear using auricular therapy

Q: What are Ear Seeds?

Ear Seeds are vaccaria seeds, beads or pellets that are held in place on the surface of your ear with adhesive tape. Gently pressing these seeds, every few hours, stimulates specific ear points. You can typically leave these seeds on your ears for 3-6 days at a time. After removing them, let your skin breathe for at least a day or two before re-applying them.

Some people will experience immediate relief with auriculotherapy and for others it may take weeks, depending on the condition.

Q: Can I Use Ear Seeds Myself?

Auriculotherapy kits are available for common ailments and they include ear seeds for self-application. Some points are difficult to apply yourself, so having a friend apply them can be a big help.

Certified Ear Seeds Practioner